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Basildon Minibus Hire with Drivers 
At Basildon minibus hire, we offer the cheapest transportation services to members of Basildon city. We run highly respectable and reliable vehicles with extensive services from major airports to any tourist attraction the town. Our range of minibuses can accommodate all your needs. They range from 12 seater to 72 seater minibuses together with drivers. We offer you with standard, luxury and VIP vehicles making you have the best choices, whether it’s a school trip, sporting events or any personal event. 
Reasons For Choosing Our Vehicles  
Qualified drivers 
The drivers we employ are fully qualified and experienced. They are regularly tested to ensure they meet the standard required by VOSA. They are polite and friendly to the customers as well as observing time. In fact, the drivers are dedicated to providing customers with high standard of safety, they understand that you are on a trip and strive to ensure you get the best out of your trip. 
Our company employs the highest possible trained engineers, that offer regular check-up to the vehicles as required by the safety guidelines, making our fleet of vehicles a number one choice. No worry over mechanical breakdown, since our minibus for hire are maintained daily. Our vehicles strictly adhere to the VOSA safety check guidelines and insured by a reliable insurance company. 
Quality Services  
Our minibus hire with drivers at Basildon are always available at any time of your need. We do our best to ensure you have all the detail including the drivers contact numbers, so contact them at any time of need. We use the latest technology and vehicles to ensure that reach your destination safely. We have installed several entertainment vessels such as, DVD player that may entertain you, seat belt that protects customers that protect you in case of an accident, brand new comfortable leather seats to maintain your comfort, TV, toilets, table, hot drinks and active waiters/waitress. We avail vehicles of different colours, size and model. We organize our vehicle in a unique style, thereby creating a large storage space and ample leg space. 
Things to do and see with our minibus hire 
Basildon is the largest town in the area of Basildon in England. It is a beautiful town worth visiting. It as several attractions, including colossal Leeds Castle which is located outside the town. The colossal structure is one of the ancient structures that is believed to have existed for over 900 years. Drive to the attractive streets to shop in boutique dependent shops that run down to the riverside. 
Maidstone is an interesting place for a night out, it has many theatres, night clubs, music and attraction sites for family such as the Lockmeadow Complex, eight screen cinema where Drama and comedy production are ever on the run. 
The Maidstone Museum houses a huge collection of fine art and historical artifacts that your family and colleagues can enjoy exploring. Inside the museum there is the Kent’s most impressive records and display of archaeology, ancient Egypt and local history. 
This stylish riverside town is packed with historical buildings, interesting shops and excellent restaurant that is just a stone throw from the Leeds Castle. The train connection is just wonderful as most of the major cities can be reached in less than an hour, and easily connects you to the west London attractions.  
Try our extensive, quality and affordable services, as we provide you with well experienced drivers that will act as your tour guide throughout your journey. 
For more information about our minibus hire in Basildon, please contact us today. You will always find our friendly, reliable and local customers representative on call!